The "Nine Songs" Violens Album And A Look At Their History

Musicians often release compilation albums as a marketing ploy to sell more records, but Violens had a different motive for the release of their 2011 compilation album Nine Songs. The band wanted to deliver a compact CD that would contain some of the work they were most proud of. They felt that fans of indie rock may have heard about Violens, but not known where to start with their music or what tracks most signify their musical style. Nine Songs is all about the band Violens, an expression of what they bring to the musical world. The CD is compact and the songs are arranged in a meaningful way, with elements of new wave, psychedelia, and guitar riffs that the band are synonymous with. The advantage of this album is in its compactness. Here we have nine tracks that introduce the band in the most expressive of manners, whilst also satisfying fans who already knew about the group. The majority of the songs are exactly three minutes in length, which means it can be listened to within an hour, giving a full flavour of their best material. The songs on the album were released seperately as singles throughout 2011, with one being released every month, before they decided to put it all together as one EP. All songs were composed based on demos that the group had lying around.

Nine songs further reinforces to notion that Violens are a unique band with an instantly recognizable style. They are an underrated group, but the exposure that they got from this compilation album has attracted a whole host of new fans to their music. Some music critics have claimed that Nine Songs lacks the dynamism of the band's debut album Amoral, but it is still an interesting album to listen to. In a world where the artistic spirit inherent in music seems to be drifting away by the day, Violens are here with Nine Songs to remind us that there will always be talented musicians who try to be different and creative.

The full track listing of the album is:

1. When to Let Go
2. Be Still
3. Spirit
4. Top of the Mountain
5. Every Melting Degree
6. Totally True
7. Through the Window
8. No Look on Your Face
9. Something Falling


Violens were formed in 2007 by Jorge Elbrecht who is a multi-talented producer, instrumentalist and artist. Jorge felt that the focus on producing art with his former band Lansing-Dreiden was detracting from their ability to create memorable music, so he came up with Violens as a solely musical concept. Jorge recruited some friends and band members from Lansing-Dreiden to perform in Violens -Iddo Arad on the synthesizer and Myles Matheny on bass. All three members of the band added their vocals to the tracks. The band worked hard for three years, without producing any studio albums. As former art collectives, they wanted to make sure everything was precise and refined before releasing their music to the world. The debut studio album Amoral was released in 2010 to critical acclaim, and this was followed up by another album in 2012 entitled True. The latter was also regarded as an excellent record, further cementing the status of Violens as an innovative and imaginative band capable of producing a whole new musical sound. The band have gone on countless international tours – they have a lot of fans in Eastern European countries such as Russia. They have not released an album since 2012, instead they are focusing on performing their already released tracks to their legions of fans.