The Varied And Interesting Discography Of Violens

Violens have released two official studio albums entitled Amoral and True. Their other album was Nine Songs. It was not officially calibrated as a studio recording, instead it is a compilation of a series of nine songs that they released seperately over nine months in 2011. Here is some more information about their two best-known pieces of work, starting with Amoral.

Amoral is the debut studio album from Violens. About halfway through 2010, the band gave away a free mix tape to fans highlighting what to expect from the forthcoming Amoral LP. The idea was to create a sense of anticipation. They didn't need to because Amoral was three years in the making since the band's creation in 2007. The many fans who had seen them play live gigs were already excited about hearing some of their new material. The album encompasses all the elements that we now recognize the unique sound of Violens by – anthemic choruses with a sixties style rock backdrop interspersed with post-punk and psychedelia. It all sounds very 80's new wave British pop. Some of the tracks on Amoral are impressive in that they are just so damn catchy.

The title track “The Dawn of Your Happiness is Rising” hooks you from the outset with its captivating bass line, which combines with upbeat guitar chords that evoke nostalgic memories of bands from the eighties such as The Smiths. The frequent intervention of electronic hits from the synthesizer adds an intangible element of depth to the tracks and gives the songs on the album an extra edge. Violent Sensation Descends is another snappy and addictive track featuring a throwback to sixties psychedelia.

The full track list of Amoral is as follows:

1. The Dawn OF Your Happiness Is Rising
2. Full Collision
3. Acid Reign
4. Are You Still In The Illusion?
5. It Couldn't Be Perceived
6. Until It's Unlit
7. Violent Sensation Descends
8. Could You Stand To Know?
9. Trance-like Turn
10. Amoral
11. Another Strike Restrained
12. Generational Loss

True is the second studio album from the Brooklyn trio Violens. This album is a further extension of the innovative song writing and impressively produced sound that had music fans gagging for more after their debut album Amoral. True to form, it is impossible to classify the tracks on True as belonging to a certain music genre – the elements of psychedelic pop, new wave electronica and Zombies-esque music still remain. True is a more subtle album than its predecessor. It is more an album of reflection and interaction that the debut album. The first track, entitled Totally True, is a celebration of post-punk music, drawing influence from bands of the eighties such as The Chameleons. The members of Violens wrote the tracks for this album while touring around America and Europe. The first album was almost solely written by Jorge Elbrech, with band members Iddo Arad and Myles Matheny sticking to playing instruments and singing. Both men had much more of a role to play in the direction of True – the sonic pop feel on many of its tracks provide clear evidence of this. The stand out track of the album is When To Let Go, an enjoyable fusion of guitar pop and sixties three piece harmony groups (think The Beach Boys). True is an appendage of what we already knew about Violens as a band – they are one of the most creative and imaginative bands on the indie music scene right now. Their passion and originality is evident on every track of this album.

The full track list is as follows:

1. Totally True
2. Der Microarc
3. When To Let Go
4. Sariza Spring
5. Every Melting Degree
6. Lavender Forces
7. Unfolding Black Wings
8. All Night Low
9. Watch The Streams
10. Lucent Caries
11. Through The Window
12. So Hard To See