Violens Most Famous Music Video Productions

The Violens official YouTube channel can be found at . It features most of their well known songs in high quality audio and some other material that fans may have never heard.

This is the video for Violens track "When To Let Go". It is the third song on their most recent album, True. As usual with Violens, the song is quite cryptic in its meaning. The video requires numerous repeated play backs to suss out the true nature of what is going on. At first glance, you may think it is a simple song about the end of a relationship, but as you really pay attention to the lyrics you hear that it is in fact about a sado-masochistic couple who cause each other pain to chase pleasure. The video has a seventies feel about it with a couple canoodling on a beach while a catchy melody plays in the background. We see the hidden meaning of the song at around the twenty second mark, when the couple seem to be refusing to let go of each other's embrace. This points towards the masochistic element of their relationship. The video is divisive judging by the youtube comments section, but this is perhaps down to the ignorance of the people watching it. To grasp the song you need to listen and observe carefully. The video for this track is yet another example of the creative nature of the NYC-based threesome.

This link takes you to the video for Totally True, which is the first track from Violens' second studio album, True. The track was released a few months in advance of the album itself, and it gave listeners a sample of what to expect from the upcoming album. We are reminded of 1980's post-punk bands like The Chameleons when hearing Totally True. An actual music video was unfortunately never produced for the song, so listeners will have to make do with a backdrop of the cover art from the True album. The song has a lightness to it that is almost ethereal.

Violent Sensation Descends is a track from Violens' debut album, Amoral. This track has often been regarded as one of the best that Violens have ever produced. The video is playful with the band members donning clerical gear. The song is quite creative and the imaginative element transfers well over to the video too with the ghoulish masks worn by the "priests". If this track was released in the sixties it would have made it into the top 50 pop tracks of any year. It is a crying shame that this slipped under the radar of mainstream music charts – it is a case of the right song at the wrong time. The sound of Violent Sensation Descends is akin to what you would expect if The Doors and The Beach Boys had a child and it produced music. It is catchy, addictive, and the video is blasphemously brilliant.

A warning for anyone who has epilepsy to avoid clicking on this link – it is full of strobe lights and it is also the video for Violens' hit track All Night Low from the 2012 album True. The video has been talked about as much as the album – it is a throwback to the days when the band members were part of an art collective. The strobe light effects add an innovative and artistic touch that compliments the electric guitar and vocals quite well. The directing for the video was done by reputable music video director Alejandro Cardenas, with lead band member Jorge Elbrecht doing most of the editing work. It is worth looking at as it is one of the most remarkable and creative music videos you will find anywhere on the internet. The song isn't half bad either, but that is what you come to expect with Violens.