Violens - Unofficial Page About An Indie Rock Band To Rock Your Socks Off

Welcome to the unofficial website about Violens. The name of this Indie rock band is an amalgamation of the words violence and violins. They are the creation of Jorge Elbrecht, a Miami born music fanatic. He also happens to be the creator of the popular music and art group Lansing-Dreiden. Jorge decided to create Violens as a music-based project. He is quoted as saying that his sole reason for coming up with the idea of forming this group was to develop a band that was just a "good, honest rock band". Other band members include Iddo Arad who performs on the synth, guitar and some vocals, and Myles Matheny who plays bass and sings. The group performed its first show together in 2007. It was well received by indie rock fans who enjoyed the fusion of emotional lyrics with sixties style pop/rock.

Their music style could best be described as indie rock mixed with elements of neo-psychedelic music. They have toured with the likes of MGMT, whose catchy tunes have given the band further incentive to develop a more psychedelic element in their music. The main sound of Violens' music is typified by a 60's rock vibe. It reminds listeners of British beat group The Zombies, who delineated the concept of what a rock album should be all those decades ago with their piece de résistance Odessey and Oracle. Some of Violens' tracks take on a darker vibe. This is not too much of a surprise given that lead singer Elbrecht cites black metal as one of his favourite music genres.

Violens have not been main players on the music charts since they were formed. Instead they have garnered a large fan base in the New York City indie rock scene. Their music has reached further afield than The Big Apple thanks to the internet, where Violens release a lot of their material. They have recognized their global fan base and the band have gone on several major international tours in the last few years.

It is difficult to categorize Violens as belonging to any single genre of music. They have mentioned in interviews that they prefer not to be identified as part of a particular music niche, but more as part of a movement in music - Violens are enjoying being part of a trend whereby bands are set up to experiment in various genres of music instead of focusing on one area.

Their debut album was entitled Amoral. It was well received by music critics, with some citing that it marked an impressive progression for the band members from their days in Lansing-Dreiden, where their love of art perhaps sometimes got in the way of their music. Anybody who is familiar with the band's previous incarnation will be surprised when they first listen to Amoral. The record shows the band members in a different light - they are now tenacious pop/rock music composers with lyrics that carry a hidden message in each song. It's up to the listener to figure out what each message is. The predominant sense coming away from a first listen to their debut album is that it is music made by people of a more introverted nature, who want to appeal to listeners of a similar personality.

Violens use a straightforward instrumental set up to record their tunes. This means that the music that they record translates well into on-stage performances. The instruments they use in every live show are two guitars, full drum kit and one synthesizer. The music is always composed on a three-part harmony basis containing an upper harmony, a melody, and a lower harmony. The band members feel that performing songs in this way helps to compliment the melody and get the most out of it.

The group stay out of the musical limelight in part because they are not impressed with modern songwriting in the pop genre of music. They feel that choruses in particular have become too predictable, and the majority of big artists use auto-tune way too much. You may not agree with their forthright views, but there is no arguing about the fact that the members of Violens are not afraid to speak their mind about what they believe in. They have mentioned that the songwriter they most admire is Buddy Holly. The simplicity of his song writing methods is what impresses the band the most. Buddy Holly is known for music that features a verse, a hook, a pulsing chorus. They call it efficient songwriting. Their eye for artistic detail has turned the band members into perfectionists with their music. Each album takes a lot of work and editing before it is finally released to the public.

Even though Violens are somewhat revolutionary in bringing together many different sub-genres of music, they feel that to be innovative in the modern musical world, a new set of instruments will need to be released. According to front-man Elbrecht, there are only a limited number of ways to manipulate sound if you look at it from a scientific point of view. Fans may of the band may disagree with him though, Violens have introduced a whole new blend of contrasting sounds that somehow seem to work as a whole. There are few bands that can combine indie rock, neo-psychedelia, post-punk and Miami freestyle into a cohesive and progressive recording. Violens are part of a select set of groups that have the talent to do this.

The band have released three albums to date, with more planned for the foreseeable future. The year 2011 saw the release of a compilation album entitled Nine Songs, and their most recent outing is the 2012 EP True. Their debut venture into the music world was the 2010 album Amoral. The key point about Violens is that they somehow manage to fuse together disparate elements of music that shouldn't work, but do. It is no small feat that all of their albums have featured cohesive and catch songs, often with a hidden meaning to the lyrics.