What Have Critics Had To Say About The Music Of Violens?

Violens have not received much spotlight in the press or on music critic websites, but there are a select few websites that have taken the time out to critique their work. Larry Fitzmaurice of internet music magazine Pitchfork reviewed their debut album Amoral in 2010. He felt that the album as a whole was a solid demonstration of indie rock fused with pop music. His opinion is that Violens are at their best when they produce catchy music that has an upbeat tempo. He cites songs like Acid Reign as being a perfect example of a song that encapsulates everything good about the New York based band. Fitzmaurice felt that the downbeat songs on the second half of Amoral detracted from what was otherwise a fine collection of music. His final rating for the album was an acceptable 6.7 out of a possible 10.

Pitchfork also conducted a review of Violens' most recent album, True. Again it was Larry Fitzmaurice who wrote the review. He was again impressed by the unique sound of Violens and how they are able to incorporate elements from such disparate sub genres of music and have them all on the one record. He describes in his review how True shows the potential of Elbrecht and his sidekicks as capable of producing music that reminds us of the past, yet somehow remains relevant and innovative. He says that this album is their sweet spot, the pinnacle of their short musical careers and he urges them to not deviate too far from what they have done on True. He mentions that the melodies integrated in to this album are prettier and more pleasing to the ear than the preceding album. His final rating for True was 6.9 out of ten, a slight improvement on the first outing for the band.

Adam Kivel, a music writer for website Consequence Of Sound also reviewed the band's debut album Amoral. Some of the tracks reminded him of Depeche Mode, in particular "It Couldn't Be Perceived" for its zealous use of synthesizers. He was impressed with how the album seems to fall in line with the music that the band members are fond of, but adding their own personal layers that give their music a unique sound. His favourite track on the album was Violent Sensation Descends, described as a fun sugar rush to listen to. His final conclusion about the album was that it was not a poor record by any means. There were some tracks that impressed him, but nothing memorable. The biggest praise he gave Violens' debut album was that it is an album he keeps on his ipod when he wants to listen to something fun once in a while.