Magic Magazine (France) – Best Single 0f 2009

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Violens, a new project featuring Lansing-Dreiden members, may be less than a year old, but they are already the best discovery of this collection. Their stoned, sweet "Trance Like Turn" features sunny, vintage harmonies that peek through the gray clouds of their steely, post-punk beats and synthesized aggression.

...if (Violens) can produce a whole album as good as Doomed, Trance Like Turn and Already Over, it's (tour headliners) MGMT who will be following in Violens' slipstream.

Violens manage to traverse between eras that time forgot to the present with insatiable ease... at least three of the four songs on this EP could quite easily have been singles in their own right.

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Photo by Tom Hines

Photo by Tom Hines

Photo by Tom Hines

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