The Biographies Of All Violens Band Members

Jorge Elbrecht is the creator of Violens. He has been part of the music industry for the better part of fifteen years. His music has been often cited as creative, beautiful, innovative and sometimes downright wacky. He has been interested in music from a young age, and he created his first 4 track cassette when he was just fifteen years of age. He started playing guitar at just eleven years old and used to make 90 minute tapes with various musical experiments and song ideas. Jorge grew up in Miami, Florida before deciding to move to New York City to pursue a career in music and art. He had always been a talented painter, and he decided that he wanted to come up with something that could combine his two main attributes. His plans came to fruition at the turn of the new millennium when he came up with the idea for Lansing-Dreiden – a mysterious art/music collective. The band contained Elbrecht alongside Ido Arad and Myles Matheny, both of whom went on to join him with Violens.

To understand where Violens came from, it is important to have a grasp of the history of Lansing Dreiden. Their artistic work includes animated videos, sculptures and drawings. According to an interview with the Seattle Weekly magazine, they preferred not to be categorized as a band, but rather as a company that sees no distinction between art and commerce. The group released a total of three successful studio albums. The debut was entitled “The Incomplete Triangle”, and it received critical praise upon its 2003 release from Spin Magazine, who described it as dreamy space rock with a psychedelic twist. The next addition to the Lansing-Dreiden discography was the 2004 album a Sectioned Beam. This was also well received, with Time Out New York praising it as an airtight example of textbook pop perfection. It was after the musical success of this group that Elbrecht decided to found Violens. He wanted to focus only on music, and he felt that Lansing-Dreiden could do with a rebranding and even a name change.

Apart from his work with Violens, Elbrecht has also toured extensively with the likes of Ariel Pink, and the two have even recorded some songs together under the moniker Jorge Elbrose. He also set up a side project to explore metal music, having been interested in it since he was young. Elbrecht felt that Violens should stay with their own unique brand of indie rock, so he founded Coral Cross. He has also got more involved in the production side of music, feeling that this was a natural development in his career. He is interested in the engineering aspect of making music sound good, and it would not be a surprise if he goes on to achieve a lot on the production side of things.

Iddo Arad has followed a similar career trajectory to Elbrecht. Fans may not know that he is also a well-known attorney. His main area of focus in law is on intellectual property rights and transactional entertainment. Away from his career as part of Violens, he represents motion picture studios, writers and directors. He assists them in distributing, developing and financing artistic content. He also worked as a director of business in a sub-division of NBC Universal studios, where his role was to negotiate motion picture finance among other things.

Myles Matheny also performs as a guitarist for New York five piece act The Drums. He replaced Adam Kessler in 2011, who quit the band to pursue other personal projects. Matheny has mentioned that Europe has been his favourite place to tour because the fans were some of the best he has ever came across.